Gearing Up for the Growing Season

February 20, 2017

CEO Greg Ruehle discusses how Servi-Tech is gearing up for the upcoming growing season along with how the Farm Bill impacts us all.


Jeff Kugler Talks STEPS

February 13, 2017

Jeff Kugler, CEO of STEPS discusses a new website and the STEPS LLC organization.


Boroughs and Bontrager Discuss Weed Resistance

February 7, 2017

Listen to Bryan Boroughs and Orvin Bontrager, both Senior Agronomists, talk about resistant weeds in soybeans in this edition of Radio Servi-Tech!


Planning for spring

January 27, 2017

CEO Greg Ruehle talks with radio host John Jenkinson about the decisions that will take place in the next few weeks when things start to green up in the field.


Politics and Ag

January 20, 2017

Ruehle Discusses Inauguration Day and the Effects It Has On Agriculture


New Partnerships On Horizon

January 18, 2017

CEO Greg Ruehle and radio host John Jenkinson talk about the annual Professional Development Conference, as well as new partnerships for aerial imagery.


Staying on the Cutting Edge

December 30, 2016

CEO Greg Ruehle discusses how Servi-Tech works to stay on the cutting edge.


Austin Bontrager Talks ProfitZone

December 21, 2016

Austin Bontrager Talks ProfitZone with John Jenkinson


Greg Ruehle Talks Partnerships

December 9, 2016

CEO Greg Ruehle discusses the importance of partnerships.


John Jenkinson and Greg Ruehle Talk Servi-Tech

December 2, 2016

CEO Greg Ruehle discusses Servi-Tech and the role it has to offer within the agriculture industry with radio host John Jenkinson.